A Mobile Phone from the Future Perhaps?

Mobile phone manufacturers are always coming up with new and unique ideas for their next new handset, but Nokia has broken the mold with their new mobile phone concepts. The two mobile phone prototypes that have been announced are called the Nokia Morph and the Nokia Remade.

The theoretic Nokia Morph handset would involve nanotechnology, which has been developed between the University of Cambridge and Nokia. Nanotechnology allows things to change shape and size according to their function. Nokia seems to think that some nanotechnology features will be incorporated into mobile phones within the next seven years, so you could be waiting for some time for this unique handset.

The second of the two mobile phones is more likely to be released. The Nokia Remade is exactly what it says it is. It is (mostly) remade from recycled materials. It uses a body of recycled aluminum, rubber and plastic, which reduces the reliability on new materials. The screen has also been redesigned, minimizing environmental impact.

It is surprising that none of the other manufacturers have picked up on the recycling concept. It sees at the moment that Nokia are the only manufacturer pushing forward the environmentally friendly mobile phone idea.

Both phones are just concepts at the moment but we should start to see devices containing technology from the Nokia Remade in 2008/2009. Unfortunately we may be waiting for a long time for the Nokia Morph to be released, but maybe this is a vision of the mobile phone from the future!


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