Are You Experiencing A Dead Battery?

Perhaps you have already been late to get to work, jump in the car or truck, turn the key and have the devastating noise of absolutely nothing happening? It's happened to most people at one time in their lives. So how do you know if its the battery or anything else which is causing the car not to start? Listed here are a few tips for you to check the battery.

A lifeless battery or a discharged battery is a relatively low volume leading to your vehicle to not start. This may materialize for any variety of reasons such as: leaving the lights on when the car is off, leaving the dome light on or perhaps a car door ajar. These will drain the charge from your battery. If the battery still carries a little life left inside it, you should notice a clicking noise after you turn the key in the ignition. This particular clicking is signaling that there may be not enough electric power available to move the starter motor.

A simple method to find out if the battery is low is to turn the ignition on and with the engine off, start the windshield wipers. Whenever they move slowly, slower than usual or not at all it is most likely as a result of a lifeless battery. You can also have a look at the dashboard and dome lights; in the event the power is reduced they will be dim or even very low as well.

For those who have a pretty new battery, it usually can be charged up again. You can do this through jump starting it through an additional vehicle or maybe using a battery charger. Utilizing a charger in most cases require a power source such as in the home and could require anywhere from twenty minutes to many hours subject to the type of charger. The simplest way to give the battery a charge would be to use jumper cables from another car. Once your vehicle is started, allow it to run for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will recharge the battery by using the alternator.

You can also drive the car after it is started, but you should check out the lights and wipers to make sure the battery is being charged. If it is not, you need to drive to an Auto Repair Shop to buy a new battery so you do not get stuck once more.


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