Battery Life And The New iCloud On The iPhone 4S

With an ever increasing number of features being incorporated in modern mobile phones many consumers are finding that their devices are offering a much shorter battery life as a result of all of the extra functionality. We take a look at battery performance on the impressive new iPhone 4S and also explore the new iCloud storage system that is offered by this new model.

Older versions of the iPhone were renamed for offering a lower than average battery life but things changed for the better with the release of the iPhone 4. This model saw Apple use their own processor which seemed to have a positive effect on life expectancy from the battery . The new iPhone 4S offers similar performance times to the iPhone 4 although we did find the newer model lasted a slightly shorter time in standby mode. This drop can be forgiven however as the new model uses an improved notifications system with more features than ever giving you automatic alerts thanks to push notifications. In terms of every day use we tested the handset continuously using a variety of applications and features and found the model managed to last a whole day from the time we awoke to when we retired for the night. With less intensive use the phone easily worn two whole days which was very impressive. Realistically the phone should offer the average user over a full day of moderate use but it is good practice to charge the phone on a daily basis just in case you find yourself using more features than normal.

The new iCloud storage system which is part of the new iOS used by the iPhone 4S is one of the more attractive new features of this model. The main purpose of this new service to to automatically back up all of your important data. This data includes contact details, calendar appointments, notes and photographs. The photograph facility will be of the most interest to consumers as other data can normally be replaced but the same can not be said for a photograph. The iCloud gives users up to 5GB of storage space completely free of charge which should prove adequate for the average phone user. The iCloud service is also superb if you use multiple Apple devices. These devices can all be signed in to the same iCloud account and data can then easily shared between these units. A great example of this is how you can take a snap on your iPhone and return home and view it from the camera roll on your iPad.

The new iPhone 4S is an impressive device that offers battery performance that is superior to what many rival models can offer. The new iCloud storage system is also a great method of protecting your data and sharing information between multiple devices.


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