Battery Rebuilds-Refurbishing

When dealing with rechargeable batteries, it is inevitable that they will always die. Any rechargeable battery is good for about 200-300 charge cycles. Once this number is reached, the battery may halt to hold a charge. While the logical choice for a solution seems to be purchasing a new battery, there are some instances when this is not an option. When this is the case, reviving the old battery may be an alternative worth considering.

There is a difference between battery refurbishing and battery rebuilds, although the terms are often used interchangeably by mistake. Battery refurbishing is often performed by a special machine to which the old batteries are connected. This machine sends small, short electrical pulses through the contacts of the battery. This serves to clean the plates of the battery by knock off any accumulation that may have built up over a long period of use. These machines also have the ability to perform several charge / drain cycles in a short period of time, which may alleviate any memory effect that may be present in the battery.

Battery rebuild are a completely different service. Battery rebuilds are typically performed on batteries that are made up of several smaller batteries called cells. The service is very popular for power tool batteries, older style laptop batteries, and custom battery packs. When a battery is rebuilt, it is dismantled and replaced with new cells while using the same wires, contacts, and other components. The benefit of this is that the rebuilt battery is basically a new battery, with only the external parts being reused. Sometimes, the rebuilt battery is even stronger and longer-lasting than the original, since stronger cells can be inserted. Another benefit of this service is that the new battery is able to be used in the existing chargers and devices for which it was originally intended. Finally, the main benefit of this service is the price, which is often half the price of purchasing a new battery.

While both of these services are capable of improving battery performance, battery refurbishing is sometimes unsuccessful in reviving batteries. You can make a decision on trying one of these methods based on your circumstances. Many local battery dealers possess battery refurbishing capabilities. We offer battery rebuild through a mail-in service. please visit the link below to receive a free quote on price and capability.


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