Battery Size Problem – Extended Laptop Battery Does Not Fit in Size

Do you have the experience of using the extended laptop battery? It may be compatible with your laptop, but you may find that the battery size seems not fit to your laptop. This is normal.

At the beginning, let me explain what is the extended laptop battery.

The 12 Cell one and 9 Cell one is the Hi-capacity extended battery, the dimension is much bigger than your original regular one. So when you install it in your laptop, it will stick out of it. Only the 6 Cell one will stay flat. But the 12 Cell one has much longer running time than other two. It can last about 8 Hours.

So, You don’t need to worry about the extended battery!

There are 3 kinds of the battery size problem.

First, the battery can insert into your laptop, but it sticks out of your laptop.

In this case, please kindly note that the battery you bought is an extended battery, which is 9 cell, the dimension is a little larger than your original standard battery. But the battery is functional. Rest assured.

Second, the battery cannot be inserted into your laptop.

In this case, you can check if the battery part number the same as your original battery, and check the size of your laptop screen too.

Third, you can insert the battery into the laptop, but it doesn’t work at all.

In this case, yours maybe have been broken and dead, need a new replacement one. Remember that it must fit with your laptop model and original one’s part number.


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