2x 16340 Battery+Charger AC Universal Dual CR123A RCR123A LR123A LC16340 IMR16340 BRC16340 for 3.7v Li-ion Top button Rechargeable LED Torch FlashLight Laser Pointer Pen

Price: $10.56

2x 16340 battery top button, blue +1x universal dual channel chargerType: Li-ion Battery; Capacity: 650 mAh; Voltage: 3.70 V; 12 Months Warranty
100% Q.C. of every battery 100% New A+ Cell ; No memory effect, Recharge up to 500 cycles
Dimensions : 16 x 34 mm (+/-1)mm ; Weight : 50g
Package inc: 2x 16340 Rechargeable Battery +1x universal dual charger
Perfect for Flashlight, LED Torch, Photo camera, Laser Pointer etc