Panasonic VL2330 Rechargeable, VL2330 – VL 2330, VL2330/HFN , 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery Size: 0.91″ Dia x 0.12″ H (23.0mm x 3.0mm)

Price: $15.99

1 Battery, Lithium, Coin Cell, 2 Pin Horizontal Leads, 3V, 50mAh, Rechargeable,1-Pieces : VL-2330/HFN with Tab
Extremely Small Self-Discharge for Long Service and Shelf Life
Size / Dimension: 0.91″ Dia x 0.12″ H (23.0mm x 3.0mm)
High Voltage of 3 Volts – Twice That of Conventional Dry Batteries
Discharge Rate: 100µA ||| Standard Charge Current: 2mA