Casio CTK 700 Keyboard – Ideal For Beginners

Are you interested in music and musical instruments? Want to learn how to play the keyboard? If you are a beginner in the field of playing keyboards then the best choice for you will be a Casio keyboard. They are ideal for children and even adults; Actually, they are a great keyboard for everyone.

The Casio CTK 700 keyboard is also a great choice for beginners. It is very user friendly and it is easy to learn to play. It also has a bunch of features that makes it all the more wanted. It has 61 keys, which are of full size, and it also comes with a sing along function.

The keyboard has on screen icons and a feature, which displays the musical information on screen. It has an inbuilt volume controller as well as microphone input jack. This keyboard comes with a step lesson feature, which will help you to learn how to play the correct notes on the keyboard. There are two speakers built into the keyboard and both are almost 10 centimeters in size.

There is a volume control for the microphone. There is a song bank controller, which can perform various functions like play or pause, stop, forward and reverse when playing songs.

The Casio CTK 700 has as many as 100 songs, which are built in, and there are 100 different kinds of rhythms like jazz, rock and dance. It also has different sounding tones such as guitar, piano, percussion and brass.

If you get an adapter with the keyboard then you will not require batteries, the adapter costs only $ 14.99. You can also add a sustain pedal which will allow you to sustain notes while you play.


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