Converting to a Water Powered Car or SUV

Getting the most from your gas has been studied with years and years of research. Also, researchers have developed a useful water pressure pump as a fuel alternative. There are just a few simple steps involved that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars starting right away.

Decades ago, Nicola Tesla discovered the near magical power of water. He realized that water can be used as a fuel and produce energy. Unfortunately, his invention was never released to the public, probably because water can be seen as the cheapest source of energy; and there's not much profit involved for any company to develop such a system!

Using a Water 4 Gas system installed in your car or truck engine, a small amount of energy is drawn off the battery which then separates the two hydrogen molecules from the one oxygen molecule in H2O (water is stored in a jar). While the separation takes place the gas HHO called Hydroxy is produced and is burned "on demand" by your vehicle's engine. Most know hydroxy as Brown's Gas which burns efficiently while producing tons of energy.

The best advantage of Water 4 Gas technology is that your engine will run smoother thenby reducing the wear and tear on your car. So, this means the life of your vehicle will exceed the estimated 12 year life span of vehicles running solely on gasoline. All pistons, rings, bearings and valves will last longer – possibly twice as long.

Installation of the system is simple: You can do it yourself or have your favorite mechanic do it for you. And you can undo the system whenever you want to. Disconnecting it takes less than a minute.


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