Decorating With Battery Operated Light Bases

Many people are looking towards battery operated lanterns in order to decorate their homes. This includes coasters and serving trays. These are ideal as a pedestal for the centerpiece. This will cause the centerpiece to light up. This happens from the bottom up. Soft white or floral colored lights make this look really nice, especially if one is hosting an indoor party or a party outside under a marquee.

For parties any other festive occasions, one can look at the rotation lights. These come with twenty different lights which are attached to a gold wire. These particular lights are special in that they make use of LED technology. Bulbs like this do not heat up and they are energy-saving as well.

Bulbs are capped with a star shaped cap. There is two inches between each bulb. As they are attached to copper wire, there is sufficient flexibility and this helps with any customization efforts that one might have in mind.

Two AA batteries are needed to power these up. Generally the batteries are not included. These can be used on the tops of tables and any other areas where there is no electrical socket. This makes these an incredibly handy option to have in the home.

To really drive home the spirit of Christmas, one could use battery-operated candles with a tuner. These will last up to four hundred hours with the use of new batteries. As there is no electrical cord or open flames this represents no danger whatever. The flickering candles can really set the tone for an incredible Christmas.

This Christmas season there is so much that can be done with battery operate lighting in all of its different forms. This includes battery operated lanterns. With children and pets around, parents can rest assured of a incident free Christmas as far as fires and electrical accidents are concerned.


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