Electric Cigarette – a way around the ban

The smoking ban has caused many smokers a lot of problems and headaches as they are no longer capable of getting their nicotine fix while enjoying a meal or when they are drinking in a club.  However, the electric cigarette manages to get around all of these bans because it does not produce any smoke, and the only additive is nicotine, so there is no danger of second hand smoke.  It’s because of this that the electric cigarette is allowed into almost any place where a smoking ban is in place, thereby making your life as a smoker easier.

The electric cigarette is an ingenious invention as it gives the complete look and feel of smoking without the bad side effects and harmful complications.  It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, and each charge lasts about a day.  This makes the electric cigarette easy to care for as you only have to plug it in each night when you go to sleep, and then you are set for the next day.  The nicotine cartridges are located inside the electric cigarette’s filter, and when it runs out it is simple to change out and you can easily take care of it even when you are on the go.

The most authentic feel of the cigarette is provided by the atomization chamber, as this provides a facilitator for the nicotine which allows it to be inhaled into the lungs in much the same way as traditional smoke.  But, since there is no flame and no burning, you never again have to worry about dirty ashes or cigarette burns in your clothing and carpet.  The indicator tip lights up when the electric cigarette is in use, but there is no heat behind the light, which makes storing the device very simple.

Something else to consider when looking into the electric cigarette is that you no longer have to worry about contaminating others with the harmful side effects of second hand smoke.  While it is one thing to knowingly subject yourself to cigarette smoke, it is something else entirely to know that your friends and family could get sick because of your actions.  By turning to the electric cigarette you are eliminating this risk, and you can still enjoy the feel of the cigarette without any problems befalling your loved ones.  Plus, since nicotine is the only thing you are inhaling there is almost no risk of developing cancer because the tar and carcinogens have been eliminated.

Another bad side effect that the electric cigarette takes care of is the bad smell that is commonly associated with smoking.  Since there is no smoke that is emitted by the electric cigarette, it does not cling to your skin and clothes.  This means that you can enjoy your smoking without ever having to worry about causing your vehicle, home, hair, or clothing to stink and thereby label you as a smoker.

With all of the benefits of the electric cigarette it is a wonder that more and more people are not turning to this new technology to take the place of harmful traditional cigarette.


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