Gasoline Generator

We will talk about what kind of Gasoline Generator you need in the event of a power outage. It also depends on what the items are where you want the power restored.

In the past when we had power outages we would light candles or a turn on a flashlight, and if the weather was cold we'd light the fireplace in order to keep warm. Now there is nothing wrong about doing that, but this only works for a short time. You still have to be concerned about the fact that there are things that need to be powered on a continuance basis. For instance if you depend on power to draw water from a well and you have no power, your sump pump will not work, nor your security system, you can not heat or cook your meals and now you will be stuck. You want to be safe and secure by having a backup system in the event that a power outage could occur at any time.

Here are some specifications for a 6.5 HP 3,500 W Gasoline Generator.


W / EPA Approved Gas Engine Electric Start

120 VAC / 60 Hz

3500 Watts

6.5 HP / 3600 RPM EPA Engine

4 Stroke, OHV Forced Air-Cooled

Steel Roll Cage & Isolation Mounts

Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 liter

Lube Oil Capacity: 0.6 Liter

Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline

Operated Oil: SF or Higher Grade

Electric Start for the Gasoline Generator:

1. Make sure the generator stands on a firm solid surface

2. Turn off all the Electric Loads

3. Turn on the Fuel Valve

4. Turn on Battery Switch

5. Turn on Ignition Switch

6. No choke to be rolled

7. Press and hold start button, release if it does not start in 5 seconds then try again

8. Let run a few minutes before using

Always make sure that you have plenty of gasoline on hand just in case the need arises for the generator to go back into service again. Periodically clean the air filter and keep it dust free for better service and longer life.

Turning off the Generator:

1. Turn off all Electrical Devices

2. Allow to run a few minutes to cool down (idle mode)

3. Turn fuel off

4. Turn engine and battery switch OFF

Now you know how useful and valuable a Gas Generator is to you in the event that you have a power interruption to your electrical system. Please choose wisely when you are ready to purchase your generator that will most benefit your needs!


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