Getting to Know the Motorola DEFY +

Motorola wowed the world before with the life-proof DEFY, a water-resistant, dust-proof, and scratch-resistant smartphone. Motorola Mobility Inc. is looking to wow the world again by releasing the Motorola DEFY +, an improved version of the DEFY with a better life-proof design so you do not have to worry about what life would be hurling your way. The DEFY + is also water-resistant, dust-proof, and scratch-proof, along running on an Android 2.3 operating system powered by a 25% faster 1GHz processor. This smartphone was announced in August 2011, to be made available in the Latin Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Some of the key features and specifications of the Motorola DEFY + include: an updated operating system with more than 250,000 applications accessible through the Android Market; a powerful 1GHz processor for faster web browsing and amazing multitasking; a water-resistant, dust-proof, and scratch-resistant design (you can submerge this smartphone underwater for up to 10 minutes); a high-resolution 3.7-inch touch screen display; a music play that syncs media from your PC to connect to all your fave artists; MOTOBLUR that features live widgets on the home screen for easy access to social media applications; functions for creating group emails; 2GB internal memory that is expandable up to 32GB using a microSD card (2GB microSD card included in the purchase); access to applications from Google like Google Maps 5.0 plus Navigation as well as Google Talk; and a 1700maH battery that has sufficient juice for 16 days on standby mode or about 7.1 hours of talk time.

Here are also some of the things you can generally expect out of the Motorola DEFY +:

  • Faster than ever – the Motorola DEFY + features a 1GHz processor that is 25% faster than the one the original DEFY had and a browser that is Adobe Flash 10-enabled. This means that you get to enjoy faster services no matter what you are doing, whether you are downloading content or updating your social networking accounts or checking your email, you can do all these things on the web on your nifty 3.7-inch touch screen.
  • Smarter than ever – the newest version of the Android operating system on the Motorola DEFY + has made the smartphone smarter than ever by incorporating improvements that allow for better battery life, more intuitive interfaces, and easy personalization through application trays you can customize and organize.
  • More entertaining than ever – the Motorola DEFY + has your social networking activities and music needs covered so you'll never ever be bored again as you always have easy entertainment on your fingertips. You can even stream music from your desktop with the help of the Motorola Media Link. And for capturing all the special moments of your day, the Motorola DEFY + features a 5MP camera that has a flash, auto-focus functions, and a digital zoom.

To ensure that you have the richest smartphone experience possible, the Motorola DEFY + is compatible with a range of accessories. These compatible accessories include a vehicle dock, a car charger, Bluetooth headset, portable power, and a Bluetooth car kit.


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