Healthy Organic Food Vs Unhealthy Processed Food

Think about your present food habits. Are you 100% sure the food you send to your belly is actually beneficial for your body? The food you eat is healthy if you can say for sure that the food supplies all the necessary nutrients to your body and does not leave wastes in your body and making your body vulnerable to the attack of diseases of various kinds.

People in the western world think organic farming is something unnatural and comes from outside the world. Applying farming techniques like sprays tons of pesticides, dumping chemical fertilizers, and applying chemicals for quick and uniform ripening of apples as normal natural methods of farming. Not to blame them, because they have been conditioned and accredited to such farming techniques since more than 150 years ago.

Now we need to have a critical thinking about which techniques are natural farming techniques and which are not. Well, have a look at how plants grow in forests. There is no one to protect any single flowering or fruiting plant or to remove some plants that we label pests. How? It is the law of nature to let the most survivable or healthy plants and animals in tact. The leaves, flowers, fruits and roots of such plants form the food of several animals. The basic unit of food chain is healthy growing plants.

Now, can you say the plants we grow in farms by applying tons of chemicals healthy? Take two fruits – say apples. One plucked freshly from the forest and one from the farm. Leave them open in a place for a few days. Observe the fruits close. You will find the apple that you plucked from the wilderness stays as such for at least a week more than the apple that is chemically conditioned.

Take another example. You may have taken seedless watermelon, seedless grape fruits, etc in the past. Does seedless variety of fruits occur naturally? No. They are results of genetic recombination or at least unnatural methods of pollination. Such artificial fruits lack reproducible capacity at the first place. A major disadvantage you can see by yourself.

Now have a look at organic food. Organic food need not be produced in your backyard, but can come from any farm where no chemicals are applied and the plants chosen for cultivation are free from genetic recombination, mutation or otherwise artificial methods to indication character changes in plants.


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