How to Install Or Replace a Car Battery

A good healthy battery is an essential part of every vehicle. Your vehicle will not function properly if your battery is not in good shape. A good battery can last for many years, depending on on the care you take. Battery failure occurs mainly most of the time. There may be so many causes for that like abuse, corrosion, over charging or under charging. It is important to note that the modern vehicle systems have a small but constant effect on battery. For this reason if your vehicle remains park for a long time, your battery go dead or weak.

Your battery needs to be replaced sooner or later, for any reason. To replace a battery is not a difficult task but sometimes it is a complex issue. Hereunder we will discuss some of the key points to replace the battery at your own.

You will Need

Adjustable wrench
New battery
Clean water
Terminal cleaner or wire brush
Cleaning solution (for battery)
Anti-corrosion solution


1. Make sure the engine is switched off. Open the front hood and locate the battery. Remove the negative terminal cable by loosing the negative cable clamp from the battery.
2. Simply remove the positive terminal cable of the battery.
3. With the help of wrench undo the battery hold down clamp. They are holding either from the side or from the bottom.
4. Be careful batteries are heavy to lift. Lift the battery up carefully from the battery holding tray. Some batteries have handles which are easy to lift others may have not any.
5. Wash the battery tray off with clean water. Make sure no corrosion or any other impurities left behind. You can use primer to make avoid any corrosion in future.
6. Use battery cleaning solution or wire brush to clean the battery cable connectors and make them free from any sort of corrosion.
7. Take a new battery and placed it carefully on the hold down tray. Fasten all the clamps tightly with the help of wrench.
8. First reconnect the positive terminal cable to the battery connector and fasten the clamp. Then, fasten the negative terminal cable to the connector.
9. Take lithium grease and give a good coating of it to terminals.
10. Check all the connectors once again and close the front hood. Switch on the engine and you are done.

Keep in Mind

– It is important to work in an open place. Do not smoke while working. Make sure there are no flames nearby.
– Batteries contain highly corrosive acid. Take special care while handling the battery.
– Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to connect the battery cables in right terminals; in other case you will cause sever damage to your vehicle.
– This is a quick and easy job that should take 30 to 45 minutes.


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