How to Use an Electric Razor

Electric razors have been the latest trend in men's grooming. Shaving facial hair has been a daily ritual for a lot of men and this ritual has been around for ages. In a fast paced world, having an electric razor cuts your shaving time so you can do more with the extra time you have in the mornings.

Electric razors have two types: the foil and rotary type. The foil razor has one to two heads that has oscillating blades underneath a perforated screen. This type is usually more effective on short and softer hair. The other type, the rotary razor, has three to four heads that have rotating blades under a screen. This type trims hairs that are course, thick and long. Getting the right type of shaver for your type of face and skin is essential for getting the right shave that you desire.

How to shave using an electric razor

• Bath or shower in warm water before shaving with an electric razor. Warm water makes your skin open up its pores and at the same time is also softens the face's hair follicles. Remember to dry off your skin completely before shaving. To speed up the drying process, use a bit of talcum powder on your face.

• Although you will not need shaving cream or shaving soap for shaving with an electric shaver, you will need an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion. This is optional but if you really want better results, then this you must have. This lotion removes excess oil in your face and makes you hair stand out for easier trimming.

• As compared to working with a normal disposable razor, using an electric shaver gives you the chance to shave against your hair grain. Just make sure to avoid going over the same spot again to avoid razor burn. Use one hand to stretch the skin smooth while the other hand shaves.

• After shaving, rinse your face will cool water to close up the open pores. You may also want to put on alcohol-based aftershave. If you have dry skin, you may use moisturizer instead. The skin needs about two to three weeks to adapt to the use of an electric razor. Since these gadgets remove hair differently from non-electric razors, give a little leeway before expecting great results.

• Maintaining your electric razor clean and I good shape will help extend its life and use. Most electric shavers have a removable head or screen that allows you to clean inside for trimmed hair. Some even have their own brush for cleaning. Make sure to read the manual before rinsing it in water. Regularly replacing the blades will also help you lengthen its service but will also assure a great shave after every use.


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