Important Details About Battery Acid Spill Kits for Industrial Plants

Are You in Compliance with 1910.178 (g) (2) 1910.178 (g) (2)

"Facilities shall be provided for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte, for fire protection, for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, and for adequate ventilation for dispersal of fumes from gassing batteries."

Battery acid spills pose safety and environmental threats. Leakage of the lead and sulfuric acid found in batteries contribute to worker injuries, fire, hydrogen explosions, and groundwater and soil contamination.

Due to the damaging effect acid has on eyes, skin and mucous membranes, acid spills can pose a serious danger to human health. Prolonged exposure can even cause life threatening injury.

Proper spill containment is a requirement for safety and environmental safety. Adhering to the OSHA guidelines is not only environmentally sound but provides protection against business liability. To ignore battery containment procedures and regulations altogether is environmental and business suicide. Being prepared for a hazardous and dangerous battery acid spill is critical.

To protect employers and employees from battery acid spills, spills and acid debris a battery acid spill kit not only makes compliance easier but this precaution measure protects the health of the environment and employees.

The following supplies should be available in your facility to protect employees and the environment from battery acid spills. A Battery Acid Spill Kit should be placed in strategic locations within the facility for quick response to leaking or spilled battery acid (electrolyte). The Battery Acid Spill Kit is also effective for clean up of dry cell batteries.

If there is a battery acid spill in your location, the following precautions and response is required.

  • Trained employee should double-bag the leaking battery in polyethylene plastic bags
  • The spilled battery acid should be cleaned with disposable wipes or Hazmat Pads
  • The substances are considered as hazardous waste and should be placed in an acid debris waste accumulation container.
  • Clean-up debris would also contain lead and would have to be managed as such, not just as an acidic waste.
  • Weather-resistant pen or marker for marking used or damaged batteries with the date they were taken out of service

The Battery Acid Spill Kit Contains:

* quarts of liquid or dry acid Neutralizer

* Hazmat Pads

* gloves

* A poly apron

* Scoop

* Trigger sprayer or shaker

* Goggles

* Disposable bag

As an additional safety precaution, there should be an eyewash station in the immediate area where there is a likelihood that a acid spill might occur.

Facilities should be stocked with specialized spill kits that provide a quick and easy clean up solution for hazardous materials. Plant managers must have the training and materials to deal specifically with battery acid. Battery acid spills must be treated immediately to prevent injury.

Batteries and their component parts are classified as waste. In addition, all lead-acid motor vehicle batteries are classed as hazardous waste and must be treated in accordance with EPA guidelines.


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