LG U300 – Something Gorgeous

The new LG U300 3G mobile phone with a stunning and attractive design ensures a feat to the eyes of the user. The handset with a flip opening mechanism is smooth to open & has dual screens to ensure the user can view a screen when the phone is in the open or closed position. The handset, with a stylish silver colored casing, comes in a two-tone effect with a smooth and sleek finish ensuring required attention from the beauty loving mobile phone users. The handset with a weight of 93 grams and measurement of 96 x 49.7 x21.9 mm is a light weight handset that is comfortable to carry in pocket. The mobile phone comes with a stereo headset and a 128 Mbyte MicroSD (TM) memory card and it is possible of the user to expand the internal memory.

The handset comes with an external screen that provides the user with a 1.7 Inch display which shows the time and date, signal strength, battery life and a photo identification of the contact who is trying to make contact with the user. The internal screen is a TFT type screen with a 262,000 color display which has a screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels.

The LG U300 mobile phone comes with a fun 1.3 megapixel camera feature with a 2 x digital zoom and has a rotating camera lens. With the support of this stunning camera feature, it is possible for the user to save, store, share and send the photos. The user with the help of the handset can play MP3, AAC, enhanced ACC +, AMR and WMA formats of music on the integrated music player present in the handset. The music player assures many features that provide the best sound and performance from the player to enjoy on the handset. The stylish U300 model comes with the MSN Messenger that makes things easy for the user to chat with friends on the instant messenger service. The multimedia messaging service allows the user to send video or photos to any compatible phone complete with text and sound to finish the message. The U300 model also supports enhanced message service and emails.

The LG U300 mobile phone comes with Bluetooth® technology that ensures easy connectivity to any compatible Bluetooth® device to download, transfer and stream date. The USB cable and USB connection provides the user with a secure cabled connection. The handset has the compatibility of Java games for the user to enjoy.


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