Mini Butterball 8pcs 800mah 3.7V 16340 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, Cr123a Battery High Performance for Flashlight Torch Camera Electrical Toy

Price: $15.96

Battery Specification:
1. Type: Rechargeable Li-lithium battery.
2. Capacity: 800mAh.
3. Voltage: 3.6-4.2V.
4. Color: Yellow.
5. Charge Time: 5-6 hrs.
6. Battery Dimensions: 1.25 x 0.63 inches(L x Dia).
7. Weight : 4.3oz(8pcs).
8. Manufactured by high power capacity products and Environmentally friendly etc.

Package Include:
8 x 16340 3.7V Rechargeable Battery.

1.Do not insert batteries with (+) and ( – ) reversed when charging.
2.Do not disassemble ,dispose in fire ,heat or shot circuit.
3.Do not submerge the batteries in water.
800mAh 16340 lithium rechargeable battery.
With overcharge / discharge protection function that you can use it without worry.
High discharge rate performance, no memory effect.
Model: 16340 LR123A (can replace for CR123, CR17345, K123A, VL123A, DL123A, 5018LC, SF123A and EL123AP).
Suitable for flashlight torch, emergency power supply, consumer applications, electrical tools, and so on.

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