Motorola ic902 Review – A Review of the Motorola ic902 Cell Phone

The Motorola ic902 cellular phone offers sleek, stylish design in flip phone form. The unit is dressed in deep black and weighs 4.76 ounces. The ic920 runs on a iDEN 800 (Tx: 806-825 MHz – Rx: 851-870 MHz) frequency and has a iDEN 800 / CDMA 1900 Network. The high performance battery promises up to approximately 147 hours of standby time and up to approximately 210 minutes of talk time.

Productivity and lifestyle features with this mobile phone are generous. They include multi-language support, quick flip button and a handy speakerphone. In addition the Motorola ic920 boasts internal and external color displays and cycling wallpapers for aesthetically pleasing details.

The Motorola ic920 is ideal for people on the go. The unit offers cutting edge AgION Antimicrobial Technology2. Bluetooth stereo wireless technology is integrated into the system and the media system offers the latest in mobile multimedia communications.

There are plenty personalization tools available in the ic902. Users can choose from several download options including MIDI and MP3 ring tones, screensavers, WAV files as well as downloadable Java technology enabled applications. The unit can be further personalized with the customizable main menu order and customizable navigation keys and profiles.

Messaging features include multimedia messaging services (MMS), mobile origin-short messaging services (MO-SMS) and two-way text messaging. T9 predicted text allows for lightning-fast entries. Voice, Next and text message alerts decrease the probability of missed correspondences.

The Motorola ic902 comes equipped with Openwave 7.02 Internet browser, a wireless modem and mini-USB connectivity. The 2.0 MP camera, video camcorder, music player with stereo speakers are fun features that are certain to entertain. Sprint Power Vision is enabled and users enjoy the benefits of access Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel Walkie-Talkie Network both in one compact flip phone.

Add the integrated assisted GPS navigation to this seemingly infinite list of features for this mobile multimedia communication device. The Motorola ic902 cell phone handset is a well-stocked piece of equipment that offers a lot in a small package.


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