People Who Get What They Want: What Are They Thinking?

Imagine being able to choose any exit and automatically
feel motivated to make it happen.

No matter what's standing in your way, you'd be so driven
that you would blow right past it. You would get what you
wanted every time.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so too, until I learned a basic truth about the
way we think and act. When you know how it works, it's easy
to create a drive that compels you to do whatever it takes
to create the kind of life you've always wanted to live.

So, what is the truth and how can we use it to get what we
want? Let's find out.


It's so simple that it's often overlooked. And because most
people do not realize how powerful this truth really is,
most people do not know how to get what they want.

Would not you agree with that statement?

Out of the millions of people who wish for a better life,
only a very, very small percentage actually get what
they're after.

And there's a reason: they overlook the basic truths of
life and fail to use them to their advantage.

I do not want you to make the same mistakes, so let this
idea really sink in …

– We do what we do for a reason. –

In other words, some kind of reason, whether good or bad,
is at the root of everything we do. To the average person,
This does not mean much, but you're not average. You'll soon
be able to see just why this is such a powerful idea.


If you asked ten people on the street why they want to
change or improve their lives, I have no doubt that you
would get a whole lot of,

'Huh? Um … I'm not really sure. I guess I never thought
about it, '

Egypt …

'Because it would make me happy.'

Sorry, but that just is not good enough. I said we do what
we do for a reason, but not just any reason. It has to be
a good one, a powerful one. When you put a weak reason
behind any goal, it's not going to happen.

'It will make me happy,' is not strong or specific enough.
It does not excite or inspire. Taking into account the way
our mind works, this is never going to move you to action.

And this is why so many people keep wishing for a better
life instead of enjoying one. They do not have good enough
reasons behind their goals.

So what's the answer?


Develop better reasons!

It's that simple. If I told you that walking across the
room would radically change and improve your life in an
instant – and you truly believed it – I guarantee you would
be moving your feet right now.


Because the reason moved you to action. It was powerful
enough to make things happen.

And that's what you need to do when it comes to your own
ideas of a happier, more successful life.

Think of yourself as a master storyteller. The better story
you tell about what success will do for you, the faster it
will happen. When you sell yourself on what you want,
you'll effortlessly and automatically be driven to make it

And it all starts with a good reason.

So take some time right now to think of at least three
great reasons why your goal is worth achieving. Make them
specific, powerful, exciting, and inspiring.

The better the reason, the better the result. So make your
reasons for success so powerful, so compelling, so enticing
that you can not help but follow through with action.


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