Prepare Your Yacht for a Major Storm

An active season is once again predicted for 2006. Help us protect your yacht before and after the storm!

Do you have the correct inventory to prevent major damage to your yacht?

Hurricane Kit Check List

2 x anchors with 150 ft. of line

4 x dock lines 35 ft. long

4 x dock lines 60 ft. long

8 x fenders

Functioning batteries / bilge pumps Fuel

At our docks all the gear onboard needs to be stored inside or taken off. Spinnaker and whisker poles, cushions, cowl vents, LP tanks, life raft, winch handles, flagstaff, gas jugs, surfboards, potted plants, life rings, overboard pole, rail-mounted barbecue grill, line coils, and sail bags must be removed or stored inside your yacht.

Batteries & Bilges Must be Operational

Do leave your batteries charged and even add some to provide backup power for your bilge pump. Also top off your fuel tanks because you'll need to be able to charge batteries. Power will most likely be non existent and expect it to be out for a couple of weeks.

We Can Help Prep Your Yacht

We offer assistance to tie up your yacht effectively during a named storm for a fee. For us to be efficient and ensure enough manpower is arranged, the correct hurricane equipment needs to be placed onboard your yacht prior to any tropical wave approach. In the event of a hurricane and your yacht is at our docks and the necessary items are missing, we will need to purchase them at your expense. The service fee will also apply to effectively prep your yacht. We hope you understand our urgency in this matter. We are here to assist in you any way we can and to protect your yacht and our property.

Hurricane Inventory Checklist

If you decide to remain at our docks during Hurricane Season, we ask you to purchase hurricane items by August 1, 2006. Annually, we do a mandatory hurricane inventory check for $ 75 to ensure that all items are onboard to prepare for an approach named storm .

We do suggest the following items to be onboard:

o 2 anchors with 150 ft of line

o 5 dock lines 35ft long

o 4 dock lines 60ft long

o 8 fenders

Our Service Department will ensure that enough manpower is arranged to spend 2 – 4 hours tying up your catamaran and storing gear inside your yacht. You may collect your personal items if you prefer it not to be stored inside.

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