Prolonging the Life of Scooter Batteries

The life of your electric scooter generally depends on your electric scooter batteries. The longer your batteries live, the longer your scooter works. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your batteries.


All rechargeable batteries have a definite lifespan in terms of the number of charging cycles. You can either maximize this lifespan or reduce it based on how you discharge and recharge your batteries. There is no way of extending its lifespan, even in electric scooter batteries.

In order to maximize the number of charging cycles of your batteries, it is recommended that you use your batteries until they are completely discharged. This is because each time you charge, you use up one charging cycle regardless of whether you’ve completely drained your batteries or not.

Physical abuse

Your electric scooter batteries are prone to physical abuse, and this can shorten their lifespan significantly. Violent shaking, bumps, and even prolonged exposure to intense heat can affect the chemical components of your batteries and therefore shorten their charging capacities.

To address this problem, remember to avoid leaving your scooters under the sun for a long time. Instead, find a place where you can park your scooter under a shade. As an alternative, you can also buy those insulating covers that reflect some of the heat away from your ride when you have nowhere else to park.

To prevent shaking from affecting your batteries, avoid running over bumps on the road. They are not only damaging to your electric scooter batteries, but they can also cause serious road accidents.


When charging, your electric scooter batteries are more susceptible to electrical fluctuations. To avoid the effects of these fluctuations on your batteries, use the original charger that came with your scooter. Do not switch chargers with other models or replace them with cheaper imitations. Your scooters’ original chargers are equipped with measures to prevent fluctuations. This ensures that your charger delivers the same quality of charging all throughout.


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