Rechargeable 16340 CR123A Battery, Veeki 16340 RCR123A 3.7V 650mAh Protected Li-ion 16340 Batteries 10Packs for High Drain Device (4pc+charger)

Price: $19.99

Notice:Veeki VK-BT16340 Positive is shorter than some Arlo Need, other Device Ok, Please Check the Specification and your Device Need

Veeki RCR123A: D=16.8mm, L=34.8mm, V=3.7V, Q=650mah, Mat=Lithium-ion, Rechargeable = 500PCs

1. The Highest Average Review Rating of any Battery Brand
2. Safer and Faster Charging and Discharging with Leading
3. Join the 1 Million+ Satisfied Customers Powered by Veeki 3rd Generation RCR123A Battery

4 Sets Internal Protection
1. Thermal Overheat Protection
2. Pressure Relief Valve Protection
3. Separate Micro-porous Protection
4. PTC Cathode Block Protection

3 Sets External Protection
1. Each End is made with Nickel-plated S.S. Protector for high Impact Resistance
2. Injection-molded Circuits are Long Lasting and Protect against Heavy Usage
3. Durable Metallic Film protects Exterior from Abrasion

Performance is Point
1. The 650mAh Capacity is 16.7% Greater than Common 16340 Battery
2. High Discharge Current Makes BT16340 Compatible with Various Kinds of High-drain Devices
3. Retain Up to 70% of Original Capacity after 500 Full Charge and Discharge Cycles, Equivalent 500PCs non-rechargeable CR123 Batteries

World Famous Warranty We Back them with 30-day Free Refund or Return, 18-month Warranty, 12-hour Easy-to-reach Support

Packing Content:
4 x Veeki VK-BT16340 650mAh Rechargeable 16340 Battery
1 x 16340 charger1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: 30-day Free Return or Refund, 18-month Warranty for Veeki Rechargeable CR123A Battery, 12-hour Response Time for Customer Issues.
2. Widely Used for: Surefire / Streamlight / Coast / Fenix / Nitecore / Olight / Thrunite / EagleTac / ThorFire / Sunwayman / Solarforce / Aimkon Flashlight, Headlamp, Light, Arlo, Camera, Smoke / Fire / CO Detector, Air / Water Purifier, Security / Photo / Medical Equipment.
3. Replace One-time-use Battery: 123, 123A, BR2/3A, CR123, CR123A, CR123R, CR17335, CR17345, DL123A, EL123AP, K123, K123A, K123LA, L123A, RCR123, SF123A, VL123A, VL123A, 5018LC.
4. Excellent Performance: 650mAh Capacity, Lasts 16.7% Longer than other common RCR123A Batteries. Built-in PCB protects against: Overcharge, Over-discharge and Short-circuit.
5. Internal PCB protection prevents under-voltage at 2.5V and over-voltage at 4.25V

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