Review of Euro Pro Shark Pet Perfect Handheld Vacuum

Hand vacuums for pet hair are indispensable in a house where there are pets. Yet, there are so many models in the market that it is quite difficult to make the right choice. The Euro Pro Shark Pet Perfect hand vacuum saves the time and effort in finding the right vacuum.

– This small hand vac for pet hair is 16 volt, rechargeable and cordless.

– The twister cyclone technology that is ideal for long lasting suction power is used in this model of handheld vacuum. It is specifically useful in removing hair from pet and dirt from carpets, car seats and upholstery. There is a detachable motorized brush so that it makes getting rid of pet hairs easier.

– The filter is washable and there is the crevice tool, as in other models.

– The hand vac for pet hair can be well balanced in the hand and the recharging can be done very quickly. Although the charge lasts for fifteen consecutive minutes, this is fairly good enough to clean, considering the fact that it is handheld.

– Unlike other products of this genre, it has a removable replaceable battery which would otherwise end in being discarded.

– There is the LED indicator to show the status of charge.

– Measuring 15 by 4 by 6 inches, it comes with a one year warranty.

– Since there is a motorized rotating brush, the hand vac for hair from pets is good for cleaning fabric, too.

– When it comes to the negative aspects, it is bulky and uncomfortable for the hands; this may be due to the strong motor. It needs to be screwed in the wall, when not in use.

– The plastic pulley on motor shaft that drives the brush slips off sometimes, causing a hassle.

– Though the entire apartment cannot be cleaned with the Euro pro shark, it is ideal for the purpose it is meant for, to clean pet hairs.


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