SunLabz Rechargeable Batteries, Ultra-Efficient NiCD C (8 Pack)

Price: $30.95 - $22.95

Single-use batteries are toxic to the environment and expensive to continuously replace. Our mission at Sunlabz is to offer a more effective, energy efficient, and affordable alternative to traditional batteries. Our NiCD cells can be used and recharged 1000 times over, and surpass alkaline batteries in energy density every time. Baterías recargables. Ciclos de carga y descarga de hasta 1000 veces. Alta recuperación. Excelente rendimiento contra sobredescarga.CHOOSE RECHARGEABLE – Sunlabz C rechargeable batteries contain NiCD cells that can be used and recharged 1000 times over.
OPERATE UNDER EXTREME TEMPERATURE – Our high capacity NiCD batteries are perfect when it comes to outdoor operating temperatures with strong performance between -20 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.
PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR USE – With 8 3000mAh C Rechargeable Batteries, power up outdoor solar lights, garden lighting fixtures, and even household items such as remote controls, radios, and toys.
LONG LASTING – Maintains 80% of original charge even after being stored for 1 year.
SAFETY WARNING: Do not leave rechargeable batteries placed inside chargers for extended periods of time to prevent damage. Remove the batteries and unplug the charger once batteries are charged.

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