The DSi Charge Station

The DSi charge stationis a set for charging the battery and also including maximum battery life. It has a smarty program which automatically7 shuts off the unit once it is fully charged. TheDSi charge station and the NDSi are hand held games produced by the house of Nintendo. This has a market share which is comparable to that of the Sony play station. This hand held version has been successfully launched in Japan, Australi, Europe and the US in the year 2009.

The DSi has a current history when it was first conceived in the year 2006. The market saw the introduction of the DS Lite and it's marketing in other locations was delayed due to the great local demand. The launch of the Nintendo DSi charge station took place in Japan in the year 2008. It was released in matte black and matte white colors. Selling for 150 pound sterling in the Uk, the launch of the Nintendo DSi in the US was in 2009. In the UK, the first two days after it's launch saw close to 92,000 units sold and this unit continues to rank among the fourth fastest selling handheld game.

The newer version of the DSi charge station has a similar appearance. The console has a larger screen compared to the DSi charge station. The TFT = -LCD screen measures 3.25inches as compared to 3.00 inches in the earlier model. The new screen has the capacity to display 260,000 colors. The touch screen allows input to be accepted from the stylus.

The front side of the DSi has four buttons with the start, select and power buttons. The back side has the two shoulder buttons and the slot for playing card games. The power cable is well placed running under the hinge. The DSi measures 74.9x 1.37 x 18.9 mm and is narrows from the DS Lite though it is a bit broader. The DSi incorporates a new CPU and the RAM. Getting the battery housing raised and relocating the CPU has meant less unused space. The DSi has the Codec IC which has responded in better sound quality. The front slot for gaming has been done away with in order to improve the portable status of the DSi without letting go of the durability of the unit. The DSi has the two ARM CPU's actually ARM9 and ARM7 and the CPU is clocked at 133 MHz .. It has 16 MB of RAM which is almost four times as the previous version.


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