Titanium Innovations CR123A 3V Lithium Battery (2 Card)

Price: $6.29

These 3V lithium batteries are sold as a 2-pack. When placing an order, 1 unit equals 1 retail card with 2 shrink-wrapped batteries. What sets these CR123A batteries apart from others is their rapid reload design. The two batteries are shrink wrapped together in a serial, one-on-top-of-the-other fashion, for quick-and-easy installation into your electronic devices. A flashlight, for example, typically requires two CR123A batteries in a series, which doubles the voltage to 6. These shrink-wrapped batteries take the guesswork and confusion out of setting up your flashlight. Simply remove the cells from the retail packaging and insert them, wrapping and all, into the electronic device.

Only need to use one battery? No problem. The shrink wrapping can easily be removed for individual use. These 3V lithium batteries are equipped with internal PTC protection for added safety. Please note that lithium primary cells are NOT rechargeable.


  • Voltage: 3V
  • Normal Capacity: 1400mAh
  • Self-discharge Rate: <1% Per Year
  • Max. Constant Current: 1500mA
  • Max Pulse Current: 3000mA
  • Normal Weight: 16 g
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • PTC High Current Discharge Protection: 5 Amp
  • Product Dimensions: 1.358″ x 0.669″ (individual battery)
  • Shelf Life: 10 Years

Please note that lithium primary batteries are non-rechargeable cells. Attempting to recharge a CR123A within a battery charger could cause severe injury or damage.1400mAh capacity provides a reliable run time on which you can rely.
Shrink-Wrapped in pairs for quick-and-easy reload into flashlights or other electronics.
6V of power, when kept in series – keeps high-drain devices powered & ready to go.
2-Pack retail card packaging keeps planograms organized for a better presentation.
Breakable shrink wrapping for individual battery use allows for extreme versatility.

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