TomTom VIA 1535TM Review

The TomTom VIA 1535TM is part of the highly acclaimed VIA series. The device comes with free lifetime traffic and map updates. The wide 5 inch touch screen is beautiful to look at, but at times, slightly sluggish. Neverheless, it is a great navigator in the 5 inch segment and comes with preloaded maps of US, Canada, and Mexico.

1535TM has an integrated mount which is better compared to the EasyPort mount found in earlier versions. Simply place the mount in place and twist the knob to lock the device. Attachment with windshield is robust and the device remains firm in place even during difficult driving conditions. There is also a friction dashboard mount but it is not as effective as integrated mount. Rear side of the navigator has the power button. Location of power button is not a problem, but the unit takes one or two seconds to start. Micro-USB slot lies on the right side, opposite to the power button.

Satellite locking time for the VIA is higher compared to other models of TomTom but once the device attains connection, obtaining route information is fast and easy. Failure in satellite connection is rare even though it may take a full minute to lock. A useful feature in hardware is that the screen turns upside down if the device rotates through 180 degrees. This feature is important when you are using a friction mount.

TomTom VIA 1535TM comes with rearranged features from older models. However, itinerary planning feature is gone and route planning comes with only via point. The interface remains intuitive, but there are time lags when using the touch screen. You have to move into the menu for saving information related to Points Of Interest (POI) and favorites. Saving details directly from the result screen is not possible. However, the maps display specific categories in POIs which aids fast navigation.

The startup screen has a new Favorites shortcut wherein you immediately get the details of saved routes and destinations. IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance have clear distinctions about unpaved roads, which is a big help in unknown terrains. Voice recognition is excellent and variations of different phrases work equally well. Moreover, you can enter the complete address in one shot. The VIA easily pairs with mobile phones using Bluetooth technology and allows hands free-calling. All in all, 1535 TM manages to satisfy TomTom fans with its core navigation features and voice command responsiveness.


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