Understanding your ATV Battery

One of the most hard to understand part of your ATV is probably the battery. Some batteries lasts longer than others and some just 'dies' as and when it likes (which can be a nuisance). However, if you buy a branded battery with good warranty period, you should face none of these problems. Maintenance and knowledge is very important in maximizing the lifespan of the ATV battery.

Why does an ATV battery just die and then come back to life?

It's quite puzzling, is not it? How can an ATV battery just die and come to life at its own will? It's annoying and can become quite a problem as well. Your ATV battery works pretty much the same way your car battery works. If your car battery went dead for some reason unknown to you, try coming back later and cranking it up again. Chances are, the battery will come to life again. This is suitable to your ATV battery as well.

How does the ATV battery really work?

If you're anywhere as old as I am, you've probably forgotten what your science teacher taught you. Here's a short recap. On your ATV battery, you'll see the + and – sign. When you connect a wire between the positive and negative points of your ATV battery and submerge the end points into a solution, there will be a chemical reaction. The result of the chemical reaction is what powers your ATV.

Does an ATV battery have a shelf life?

It bothers you to know that when an ATV battery has been sitting at the top of the shelves for a couple of years, does not it? Is it some sort of perishable product that can not perform properly after it's been left idle for some time? No, it does not. as long as there is no chemical reaction, the ATV battery is just as good as new.

Is there a max to my ATV battery?

Yes, there is. The maximum voltage that your ATV battery can produce is set by the manufacturer. The current that can run through the battery per second depends on the ATV battery's capacity. Therefore, it's important to choose the right battery for your ATV. Using the wrong battery, there could be a lot of overheating and waste of power.

Check with user manual before you buy your ATV battery

If you're not sure the kind of ATV battery you should purchase, we would encourage you to either check the user manual for any indication, log into manufacturer's website (if they have a website or if the information is available there) or call them customer service to find out more about the kind of ATV battery you should be purchasing. Batteries are very specific components of the ATV, hence, if you use the wrong one with wrong voltage and power, it could cause quite considerable and unnecessary damage to your ATV. Why take the risk?


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