Universal Battery Charger, EASTSHINE S2 LCD Display Speedy Smart Charger for Rechargeable Batteries Ni-MH Ni-Cd AA AAA Li-ion LiFePO4 IMR 10440 14500 16340 18650 RCR123 26650

Price: $37.95 - $18.95


1. Buy Together: order S2 Charger with any Rechargeable Batteries Together, Save $3(Code: 3DFOR1S2) .The Batteries Includ But Not Limited to:
(1)Energizer, Duracell, Amazonbasics, Tenergy, Eneloop AA, AAA
(2)Panasonic, LG, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, MXJO, Orbtronic 18650

2. My batteries can be charged by EASTSHINE S2?

(1) 9V, D Cells, 32650 or oversizecan NOT.
(2) It is no matter with battery “capacity”, “discharge current”, “PCB”, “Flat Top or Button Top”, S2 can work.


1. Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.25A(MAX) 8.4W, DC 12-24V 1A
2. Output Voltage: 4.2V ±1% / 3.7V ±1% / 1.48V ±1%
3. Output Current: 500mA X 2 / 1000mA X 2
4. Compatible with:Li-ion/IMR/INR/INR/ICR/LiFePO4: 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440
Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd: AA, AAA, AAAA, C
5. Dimensions: 5.70 in x 2.95 in x 1.55 in
6. Weight: 0.40Lb (without batteries and power cord)
7. Compliant Standards: UL,cUL,TUV,GS,PSE,FCC,CE,C-TICKCB,ROHS


1. Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously
2. Each of the two battery slots monitors and charges independently
3. Optimized charging design for IMR batteries
4. Build-in LCD panel clearly displays charging parameters and progress
5. 2 conveniently located side buttons A/B allow easy selection of specific battery types and charging current
6. Automatically detects battery power status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode(with the exception of Lifepo4 batteries which require manual selection)
7. Automatically stops charging when complete
8. Features Over-charge prevention to protect batteries
9. Features temperature monitoring to prevent overheating
10. Made from Durable ABS

Packing Content:

1. 1 X EASTSHINE S2 Smart Charger
2. 1 X US Wall Power Cord
3. 1 X Car Power Cord
4. 1 X User Manual

1. Safety First: S2 Charger’s Compliant Standard–UL cUL TUV GS PSE FCC CE C-TICKCB ROHS, and with Fire Retardant Materials, Intelligent Circuits and Worldwide Insurance.
2. Universal Charger for: Ni-MH Ni-Cd A AA AAA AAAA C SC Battery, Li-ion LiFePO4 IMR INR ICR 26650 25500 22650 18650 18490 18500 18350 17670 16340 RCR123A 14500 10440 Batteries.
3. Speedy Charger for: Eneloop 2000mAh AA 2-Hour, Amazonbasics 800mAh AAA 0.8-Hour, 3400mAh Panasonic NCR18650B 3.5-Hour, 2500mAh LG HE2 2.5-Hour @ 1A Charge Current.
4. Smart Charger: Automatically Detect battery Status, Select Charge Mode, Cut Off Power at Full or Overtime, and LCD Display Each Cell’s Voltage and Type, Charging Current and Time.
5. What you get: S2 Smart Charger, Vehicles / Wall Adapter, Happy Card with 24 Hours Warm Service, 30 Days Free Refund, 2 Years Free Replacement, Lifetime Maintenance.

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