Water To Be uses in Mobile Battery

Well what is the biggest problem we are facing these days ???

ie the life of our mobile battery, with so much of functions available in the mobile such as music, games and multimedia etc. the battery used to betray us in the needy moments, isnâEUR (TM) t.

To overcome this problem, one Japanese company named NTT DoCoMo, Japan`s biggest mobile service provider is going to launch the new battery, that will use the water as the fuel. The functionality is very simple as it will use the hydrogen from the water. The water is comprised 2 hydrogen molecule with respect to one of oxygen.

It will work and will produce electrochemical reaction to create energy. Now with the help of this energy the battery will work and provide the energy to the mobile.

These days the concept is used to run the cars but it is more or less is not working due to the bulky engine. But this battery is very small and compatible and will boost the mobile when you need it. moreover the cost is also a concern in case of new technology, but according to the experts, they will take care of it.

Now, when you think your battery is not working properly OR your cell is not getting charged, you just need to change the water present in the battery, which is kinda a residue.

The biggest advantage is that, these batteries will last 10 times longer than the ordinary or the normal batteries.

So people get ready to use this technology and ask your partners to switch over to the new batteries. The batteries will be launch in the start of 2007.


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