What Kind of Green Screen Body Suit You Should Have

A green screen body suit is a special kind of garment used for green screen photography. It is used when a photographer is replacing the background image of the subject by any other image. With the help of this suit, you can make an actor or the subject appear invisible before a screen. This is commonly used in film and entertainment industry. You should have seen an actor enacting the scene by becoming partly invisible or completely invisible. All this is possible if the actor is made to wear this suit and act out a scene.

There are a variety of green screen editing tool manufacturing companies that provide the customers with the green screen body suit. However, a customer which means 'you' should have knowledge or a fair idea of ​​which kind of suit is the best for you. The material of this suit should be muslin which is a fine quality cloth. Find out is the material of the muslin cloth is not mixed with any other fabric. These clothes are skin sticking so that when a subject is photographed, there are no creases or folds on the cloth. Now, you may question 'so what if there is any crease or fold on a cloth?' and the answer to this is that a photographer might face problem later on at the time of editing. Any kind of crease or fold or even a wrinkle on the suit can cause difficulty in masking the subject with any other image. It might produce a black shadow or some such thing that might pose a problem in reproducing a good picture. Another feature that the cloth should have is that the mask for the face should have minute pores and specifically designed so that the subject can easily breathe. However, it is recommended that the actor should be allowed to take break to inhale fresh air from time to time. For instance, if it's one hour role played by the actor, then he should have made to take breaks for breathing at least four times and it is to avoid the suffocation. All these are important points to consider while purchasing a suit.


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