Why Are You So Afraid Of Tablet PC's?

The drill goes like this. Someone's looking for a new computer that is strong, portable and new. They need it for all the mundane tasks and they want it to last a while. Laptop. That is basically where folks arrive in their thinking when they tell me these things. Now that I have been familiar with a Gateway Tablet PC for nearly four months, I suggest they might find joy in also owning a Tablet PC. They shrink away with some un-nameable expression on their face and I am constantly bewildered.

Frankly, I thought these things were the cat's meow and still do. I thought my appreciation would be immediately viewed by others as an 'all clear' on the somewhat new technology. I thought I would be able to sell a few and so stocked up. I can not be clear enough just how wrong I was and I can not, for the life of me, figure out why!

I have spent ten years using computers on an almost daily basis and Tablet PC's seem to answer every want that a common computer user has. There are multiple ways to interact with it, the operating system (XP in my case) is exactly the same as XP is on a desktop, applications for a stylus have advanced by leaps and bounds, the RAM begins at outrageously large amounts and you can bend the thing in half to make the small device even smaller!

So this is for you, the laptop craving, Tablet PC fearing consumer thinking about buying that next strong, portable and new computer. You may have wished you could speak commands to your computer to start programs or type a paper or surf the web; Tablets do that. You might have warned that learning something new after learning Windows XP would tax your mind too much and kill any fun or productivity you once enjoyed; Tablets use the same stuff so no learning curve!

In between spreadsheets and checking your e-mails, you might have wanted to draw something or try your hand at painting a rose for a quick anniversary card that you almost forgot; Tablets can do that with exceptionally painterly applications based on the 'pen' (called a stylus) that can detect how light or hard you press making artistic endeavors fun and responsive. Rathermore, you may have finally heard that more RAM means a faster computer; Tablets typically begin at a full gigabyte of RAM eliminating that upgrade cost that comes with standard laptops that ship with minimum beginning at a quarter the amount of RAM.

All of the interactivity, voice commands, stylus sensitivity and XP familiarity and sup'ed up bundles of RAM add up to equal very capable DVD players, journal reporters, e-mail checkers, web surfers or whatever else you have in mind for this strong , portable, new machine you envision. Since I began using my Tablet, it is now the only computer I have that I use for quick notes (handwriting recognition is pretty neat), DVD viewing (super-duper battery life means two movies on a single charge) and casual surfing (of course it's got 802.11 b / g wireless built in). So with such a testimony, why are you so afraid of tablet PC's?

Thanks to the inexplicable and universal fear that prevails among my clients and would-be clients, I have had to begin using or just give away as gifts every last Tablet PC I had. So you have nothing to fear from me; I could not sell you a Tablet if I wanted to! As a matter of fact, I must be so bad at selling these excellent little, fold-able workhorses that sometimes even this article can not even sway you to consider spending your money in the smartest way possible when you get that strong, portable, new computer .

So while you plug away on your over-priced, only-folds-in-half and does't't-swivel, vastly under-powered, remarkably heavy Vista Operating System RAM-hog, I will keep watching DVD after DVD on airplanes, swiveling my screen this way and that, painting little masterpieces in between taking notes and issuing commands to my subservient, light-weight over-powered Tablet PC wondering all the while what you are so afraid of ….


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