World of Warcraft Honor Bot

This guide will tell you everything you want to know about the World of Warcraft honor bot. Just to give you a quick background about me, I have been botting in World of Warcraft using mmoglider for the past 2 year. I have botted about 12 characters to the level cap and I have been banned 3 times. Twice I had been banned in a large ‘ban wave’ where Blizzard detected the software and banned several thousand accounts at once, and once I was banned after an investigation due to a report. Please note that there hasn’t been a mass-ban on glider accounts since the bot company implemented a ‘safety trigger’ that will kill the design if it detects changes in Blizzards monitoring design. So anyways, that puts my personal odds of a 1-in-4 chance of being banned. That’s the bad originals The good originals is that I have never been banned while honor botting. I think the reason for this is because as long as your bot is out there fighting and running around it doesn’t bring to much attention to itself. This is really evident in Alterac Valley where you have 40 people on your team. With that many people on a team no one is paying much attention to you unless you are a healer (even then you pretty much get left alone).

So what do you want to honor bot in World of Warcraft? As far as cost goes it wont be free, but it’s still pretty cheap. You will want to purchase a copy of mmoglider and subscribe to there elite service for the duration you wish to honor bot. That’s it for the paid designs, all the rest are free.

MMOglider purchase $25

MMOglider Elite subscription $5 per month

Sparatacus (honor botting add-on) free (this can be found in the mmoglider forums)

Honor Botting profiles (free, or make your own) (these can be found in the mmoglider forums)

Let’s take a look at these designs individually:

MMOglider – Most wow players have heard of this service as it is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Blizzard. There’s a good reason for that; this design is no joke. It is the most highly developed commercial bot design ever created for an MMO. Yes, it is cheating, and man does it do a good job of it. Even though I have been banned by the design three times it is still one of the best investments I have ever made. They could have charged $150 for this design and I would have bought it knowing how good it works. And no, I am not affiliated with them nor do I make a dime off them personally (although I have made close to two grand using it). When you purchase this design, you get access to the user forums that have a ton of instructions on it’s initial set up and use. This is how the bot basically works. You log into your WoW character then you run the bot executable (or vice-versa, it doesn’t matter). After you initially configure the bot for what class you want to use and other variables (which is easily set up with there built-in help files) you load what’s called a ‘profile’. The profile simply has a bunch of coordinates that tells the bot where to walk and what to fight if it comes across it. You can the set the bot up to do a bunch of other things if you want, like hearth to town and repair your equipment, buy more food, sell your items, skin, etc. But for the purpose of this article I wont get into any specifics.

MMoglider Elite – You will want to subscribe to this service (available from the bot author) in order to honor bot effectively. One of the things this service allows us to do is use custom classes for the bot design. We want to use a custom class because the classes that come with mmoglider do not work for PvP. Now, technically you don’t want this to honor grind, but you will bring attention to yourself if all you do is run around and never fight other players, or fight back. Custom classes are installed into a class folder and there are custom classes available for all classes. Some are better then others so you would want to read the forums to get recommendations. Custom classes, use, and installation are covered in great detail on the mmoglider forums.

Spartacus – This is a great design that is updated quite frequently. It’s purpose is two-fold. When you begin honor botting you will place your character near the battle-masters in whatever city you are located. Sparactus (and a component it uses called sspvp, which comes with it) will see what battleground you prefer to go to (which you set up using the design) and put you into queue for that battleground. When you are in the battleground, Spartacus will determine if you are alive or dead, and control mmoglider from there. The mmoglider design runs the pathing, fights, heals, etc based off how you set it up and Spartacus controls the rest. When the battleground has ended, Spartacus re-queues you for the next and starts the process again for as long as you want.

Profiles – Profiles, as I described earlier, controls the pathing of the bot and what it’s going to fight. For the most part you don’t have to worry about these. The mmoglider forums has a list of profiles suitable for every battleground, some better then others. It has recently come to my attention that you can also purchase battleground profiles (I never have and I have no idea how good they are) from profilepacks.coms, among other places.

So what should you expect for honor gain if you do this? It will depend on how fast your battleground queues are, but you should expect anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 per day if you run AV all day and most of the night (much more on AV honor bonus weekends). You get much less running the other battlegrounds, but you can still get around 30 AB, WSG, or EoTS marks per day with ease if you are looking to get battleground marks.

That’s all the components you will want to honor bot. It can seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you get a feel of how it works you will be glad you’re doing it. Like I said there’s a risk you can lose your account, no matter what anyone says, but the odds are small that it will happen and the amount of honor you gain from the world of warcraft honor bot will be enormous.


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